A Few Men Internet Solutions2

Many people find dealing with other internet agencies difficult. Other agencies talk about strange things like "paradigms", "workflow", "integration" and "user-focus". We at A Few Men don't talk like that. We believe in speaking plainly, and getting on with the work. We don't see the need to bother anyone with constant meetings, plans, timetables, updates, consultations and carry on. When we are engaged to do a bit of work, and we send a few men in to do it. The few men get on with it, and leave when the work is done. Or when they run out of tea. Simple.

The Few Men Manifesto

  1. if a bit of work is being done by one man, it is not being done properly.
  2. the purpose of the few men is to do the work properly.
  3. the work is measured in bits.
  4. the men are hired because they are experts in what the bit of work requires.
  5. a bit of work is done when it is done, not before.
  6. the men will work for however long it takes to do the bit of work.
  7. the men know what they're doing, so they can provide an estimate before doing a bit of work, but the final price will only be known when the work is done. but the men know what they're doing, so don't worry too much.
  8. once the client has agreed to a bit of work, they should not need to be bothered again until the bit of work is done. they are paying the men to take care of the work.
  9. while doing the bit of work, the few men will keep an eye out to see if there are any other bits of work the client might benefit from having done.
  10. the men require tea in order to do the work properly.